What maroon buy?

Dates are those items that God always has an excuse to buy. When Ramadan arrives, it becomes an integral part of the household table. Of course, this is an abundance of favors, no matter if you buy an outlet or go to a chain hypermarket, everywhere you find dates. Newlyweds also come to the confectionery fridges and step into the pie boxes of sweets The sale goes. Of course, with a little query you can find the wholesale. There are not so many shops that are more to the warehouse of different types of dates than the store. Honestly, it was one of those wholesalers that opened my leg to the sweet world of this popular fruit and added a whole new set of data to my repository. Until now, my definition of date was summarized in three things: those that are in the box, the dry yellow dates, and the pyramid. But the owner of the shop, who himself had a long time in this field, said: "There are more than 300 kinds of dates in Iran, whose knowledge is not possible for everyone." But I did not stop working, so I was able to scroll through some of the underlying bombs by checking out the shops and talking about some of the professionals in this market. There are very different dates that have a lot of fans in everywhere in Iran. "Mousafi", popular dates of the people According to the economics of the online quoted from Khorasan, on most of the packages that we buy, the words "Masefi" and often in the Bam lands, not only in Bam, but in many parts of southern Iran, these dates are it is produced. Take almost all kinds of ingredients, from dinner parties to eating dishes and sweets. Moustafet Classy.
   2017/6/14 15:24