Mazafati dates
Mazafati dates
Nourishing value
date is a precious and full of energy source and based on nourish expert,it is considered as the worthiest food
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    Date tree or palm is the oldest plant which has been existed in the world and has a 7000 years history.there are 400 types date in the iran it is produced in relatively vast variety that based on existing resources and information exceeds of 200 types.Date is composed of three sectionof chow,hard stone and cap.Date is composed of 75% glucose,20% protein,2.5%fat,1.2% mineral(which itself has much amountof iron,potassium and less amount of phosphor,manganese and cooper)and enough amount of A-B-C vitamins
    ترکیبات غذایی
    Protein 2%
    Fat 2/5%
    Glucose 75%

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