Date syrup
Date syrup
A relatively sweet product in color fodark brown,pasteurized made of 100 natural date.
Product Code : D123
    • General specifications
    • Technical Specifications
    House usage:breakfast and snack supplementary,natural and soft candying,combination with benne and banana milkserving with ice cream.
    Nourishing value
    Useful for all again group enriched of iron.potassium,calcium,balancing blood pressure,freshener,suitble fopr diabetics and anemia patiens.packaging in different sizes through 29kg gallons for industrial usages
    ترکیبات غذایی
    Energy 235 cal
    Protein 1/5
    Fat 0/5
    Birx 76+1
    Fructose 33/1
    Glucose 31/5

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